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We specialize in connecting candidates with companies searching
to fill open positions, especially for Operational Excellence (OPEX),
Continuous Improvement (CI), and/or Quality professionals.

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Talent Acquisition Is The First Step Towards Operational Excellence

OPEX Recruiting excels in sourcing talented professionals for organizations striving for innovation and efficiency.

Founded by Chris Turner, an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in the Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Quality fields. I understand the key attributes necessary for a person to succeed in any organization focused on continuous improvement.


Exceeding Expectations

OPEX Recruiting Agency surpassed our expectations in finding top talent that perfectly aligned with our company values.

John Gent

Exceptional Service

The team at OPEX Recruiting Agency consistently delivered exceptional service, helping us find the best talent in the industry.

Mark Smith

Impressive Results

OPEX Recruiting Agency’s unique approach resulted in significant improvements in our recruitment process, bringing value to our organization.

Brian Johnson

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